Muc Off No Puncture Hassle – 1l


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Muc-Off ‘No Puncture’ is an important safety aid
APPLY BEFORE a puncture occurs
Sealing punctures avoids flat tyres at speed which can lead to a dangerous loss of control
‘No Puncture’ seals holes up to 5mm
It is not designed to seal sidewall damage
‘No Puncture’ provides a permanent seal thats stops punctures instantly
‘No Puncture’ protects the tyres from punctures in the contact tread area, it seals punctures the moment they occur
Loss of air and flat tyres are eliminated

Tests have shown that Muc-Off No Puncture is harmless to tyres & rubber and can be used at speeds of up to 80mph (130kph) on public highways and speeds in excess of 155mph (250kph) on a track.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 25 cm