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0.1342.B Prox Racing Parts Piston & Rings


  • ProX pistons provide a reliable and cost-effective way to maintain the engine in excellent condition
  • High-quality cast piston made with dedicated tooling and molding
  • Made from hypereutectic alloy for extra strength and reduced expansion
  • Special ring setup for improved durability and resistance to wear
  • Some pistons come with Full MoS2 skirt coating for improved breaking in and resistance to scuffing
  • Anodized piston dome for increased protection against excessive heat
  • Usage of high-quality rings such as Riken for optimum heat transfer and sealing
  • Packed in a box containing piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips.


Honda CRF250R 2010-2013


OEM Ref: 13101-KRN-A40

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