HF114 Hiflo Oil Filter


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HF114 Hiflo Oil Filter

The Hiflofiltro is the complete range of motorcycle filters engineered to extreme quality standards to provide ultimate engine protection.


TRX420 Fourtrax Rancher AT 2009-2020

TRX420 Fourtrax Rancher AT (Power Steering) 2009-2014


Honda Side X Side

Honda SXS1000 Pioneer 1000 M3, M3D, M3L, M3P 2016-2020 (1st Filter)

Honda SXS1000 Pioneer 1000 M5D, M5L, M5P 2016-2020 (1st Filter)

Honda SXS1000 Talon 1000 S2R

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 cm