H36EMUW ODI Emig V2 Lock-On Motocross Grips – Blue/White


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H36EMUW ODI Emig V2 Lock-On Motocross Grips Blue/White

When the multi-time AMA Champion Jeff Emig wanted to revive his family brand EMIG Racing he came to ODI to develop a new grip. After being introduced to the new V2 Lock-On Grip system Jeff immediately saw the benefits of the new technology. In addition to the ease of installation, Jeff found that there were larger benefits such as a new smooth throttle tube with every new pair. He put his own custom design to the V2 system to develop “The best grip for racer’s on the planet.”


  • 100% Slip-Free Performance Guaranteed
  • Simple Installation and Removal Without Waiting for Glue to Dry
  • Throttle Tube Included with Snap On Cam to match more models
  • Knockout Ends Easily Accommodate Handguards
  • No safety wire required means longer grip life, even in the event of a crash
  • Medium Diameter knurled pattern EMIG Design includes special designed half-waffle pattern with thumb relief
  • Kit provides Cams for popular 2 & 4-Stroke Applications

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